• Ultrasonic Pest Repeller

    The ultrasonic pest repeller designed by ultrasonic & electromagnetic technology. Due to electromagnetic properties of this unit,use Electromagnetic Ultrasonic Pest Repeller one unit per floor.


  • Nail Dust Eliminator

    Wholesale Nail Dust Eliminator for clean nail ash,lightning,charging,polish. When you doing a nail salon it provides light that nail expert can do arts more easier.and none-noisy design that customers feel comfortable all in one solution.


  • Baby Silicone Bowl

    The baby silicone bowl is processed with food-grade silicone as raw material, which is non-toxic, tasteless, soft to the touch, and not broken. The products can be processed in a variety of colors during production.


  • What is the difference between a plastic shredder and a granulator

    Plastic shredders are also called plastic shredders, and their function is to crush plastic products into irregular particles smaller than one centimeter. The plastic granulator is to add the crushed plastic granules into the plastic extruder, melt and plasticize, compress and extrude, and re-make plastic granules the size of mung beans, which is easy to use.


  • Outdoor Advertising Bus Shelter

    As the professional manufacture, we would like to provide you Qixin® Outdoor Advertising Bus Shelter. Factory direct Outdoor advertising bus shelter,with 20 years of manufacturing advertising and signage experience along with excellent quality, advanced services and competitive prices, Guose has won numerous customers' trust and support.


  • Horizontal Vertical Spirit Level

    We supply aluminium alloy level since 1998 with high quality and accuracy. We devoted ourselves to hand tools many years, covering most of Europe, Middle East, South of America and the Americas market. For this model, we have patent on the local market


  • Returning Conveyor Line for Edge banding machine

    Returning Conveyor Line for Edge banding machine is a kind of automation line for single one edge banding machine automatic returning.


  • Steel Rule Auto Bender Machine with Perforation

    The Latest Model (ABM-A832A) Steel Rule Auto Bender Machine with Perforation included functions:Bending,Bridge,Perforation,Lipping and Cutting. Supported steel rule thickness


  • orange lava lamp

    Dongguan City Tianhua is a professional leader China lava lamp manufacturer with high quality and reasonable price .It covers about 28000 square meters.


  • Sheet Metal Punching and Shearing Compound Machine

    KAIFENG is a true sheet metallic machines supplier, which produces CNC punching, bending and Sheet Metal Punching and Shearing Compound Machine utilising the most current applied sciences to meet the most traumatic market necessities for flexibility.