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What paper to choose for magazine printing


Generally speaking, Fashion Magazine Printing with the theme of high-end clothing and life mostly uses coated paper and medium-coated paper with a weight of ≥70 grams; high-quality monthly magazines and professional Magazine Printing use medium-coated paper and high-whiteness light-coated paper with a weight of ≥70 grams Monthly and weekly magazines of general quality often use high-white light-coated paper or light-weight coated paper, with a gram weight of ≥60 grams; weekly and comprehensive Magazine Printing with large circulation generally use light-weight coated paper or calendered paper, with a gram weight of ≥65 grams .

In addition, there are generally the following rules in the selection of gram weight: magazines with high circulation and product catalogs generally use 36-54 grams of paper; higher-quality monthly magazines use 60-80 grams; professional magazines and customer magazines use 65-150 grams; Premium magazines are 75-115 grams. Of course, this is only a general analysis. Various magazines will have various specific changes in the specific printing orders.

The last thing I would like to say is that magazine paper is developing in the direction of low weight, good whiteness and printability, which can not only reduce the amount of paper used, but also save further by reducing postal costs.

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