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What Kind of Film is the Laminating Machine Suitable for


In order to meet the use requirements of plastic film laminating, the plastic film shall meet the following conditions:

1. The thickness of the film used for film laminating is generally 17-27mic, and the appearance should be flat, free of unevenness, wrinkles, bubbles, shrinkage, pitting and other defects.


2. After corona discharge treatment of the plastic film used for film laminating, the treatment surface effect should be uniform, the light transmittance should be more than 90%, and the higher the transparency, the better, to ensure the best clarity of the covered print. The surface tension of plastic film after corona treatment shall meet the requirements of film laminating, and have good wetting and bonding properties.


3. The film used for film laminating shall have good light resistance, chemical resistance, geometric dimension stability and a certain mechanical strength, so as to ensure that it is not easy to change color under long-term light exposure, and the geometric dimension remains stable, and at the same time, the plastic film has a certain chemical stability in contact with solvents, adhesives, inks and other chemicals.


4. Most of the plastic films used for film laminating are non-polar, low surface energy and difficult to stick materials. In addition, due to the poor cleanliness of the surface layer of the plastic film and other factors, it is difficult for the plastic film to bond well with the coated substrate. Therefore, the surface of the plastic film should be treated in advance to make its surface clean, so as to enhance the wetting ability and adhesion ability of the adhesive to the surface of the plastic film.

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