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How to use Sticky Note efficiently


Sticky Note is a little assistant in office life. Many people are used to sticking Sticky Notes all over the computer screen to remind themselves. In fact, the editor is also a loyal user of Sticky Note, and often uses Sticky Note to remind work content.

Now Sticky Note has become very popular in the company, and the products have also been derived into various varieties. In addition to the traditional big squares, there are also various designs, as well as some very exotic varieties. But the effect is nothing more than the following categories:

1 note

Important events that are easy to forget are written on the Sticky Note with a thick marker, and posted in a prominent position in front of the desk. For example, next to the computer, on the partition, you can see it as soon as you look up, and it is difficult to forget.

Especially before the holiday, if there are some unfinished tasks at hand, it is recommended to list them on the Sticky Note first, and post them on the computer monitor after turning off the computer. In this way, when I come to the company after the long vacation, I can remember what I should do in a second.

2 marks

After the files are sorted, you can stick a Sticky Note on the top page and write down the key points before storing them. When it was opened again, it was clear at a glance.

It's the same in life, just post the freshly opened milk in the refrigerator, and write down the number of the opened bottle. Otherwise, if it takes a little longer, you will forget whether the milk can be drunk after a few days.

3 Time/task management

Write a Sticky Note for each task, and different colors represent the importance of the task. Post it on the wall according to time and responsible person. Finished tear off. Tasks are clear at a glance. Not only team work, but you can also use Sticky Note to complete your own tasks.

4 tips

With a lot of documents to report to the leader, there must be a focus. This is where Sticky Note comes in handy. Those that need to be explained and signed by the leader should be pasted in advance, so that there will be no rush when the time comes. According to your own habits, make a unified "sign", which means signature, "watch" means further inspection, "!" means key point, use it repeatedly until it is not sticky.

5 notes

Want to write some ideas, make some annotations? There is no room in the book, or you don’t want to damage the book? Stick a Sticky Note~ It can be used as a bookmark if you expose the edge.

6 decorations

Work notes are too monotonous? It doesn't matter, hand it over to the beautiful Sticky Note, and it will become a blackboard newspaper when you were a child in minutes.

It looks like you are reluctant to throw Sticky Notes around? Try using Sticky Notes to create your own office tricks

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