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How to preserve ink for printing Sketch Book


In the process of printing Sketch Book, ink is an indispensable production item. If the ink is not preserved properly, various accidents such as crusting will easily occur, which will affect the printing quality and cause the loss of the enterprise. So, how should we do a good job in the preservation of ink? , to ensure the quality of the printed Sketch Book.

1. The remaining ink after printing must be sealed and stored in a dark place. It can be reused in subsequent production. Before reuse, it must be filtered with a filter of more than 100 mesh, and then mixed with new ink after sufficient stirring.

2. In the storage and management of ink, the principle of "first in first out" should also be followed, that is, the ink purchased first will be used first, so as to prevent the ink from being affected by its use due to the long storage time.

3. In some areas in the north, the weather is very cold in winter. It is necessary to prevent the ink from being stored outdoors to prevent the ink from gelling at low temperatures. If the ink gels, it can be transferred to a warehouse with a higher temperature. Pour into hot water to restore the insoluble matter to its original state.

4. The ink is best sealed to avoid dust. A large number of dust particles or various impurity particles are likely to fall into the ink tank or adsorb on the surface of the label material, thereby affecting the printing quality of the printing shop management software.

5. It is better to maintain a constant temperature in the ink warehouse, and the temperature difference between the printing workshop and the printing workshop should not be too large. If the temperature difference between the two is large, the ink should be placed in the printing workshop in advance, which is not only conducive to the stability of the ink performance, but also It can also guarantee the high efficiency of production.

6. Safety first. When storing ink, keep away from fire and heat sources as far as possible to prevent accidents.

7. The ink also has a certain shelf life. If the storage is too long, the various components in the ink formula may disintegrate and precipitate. Therefore, the ink should not be stored for a long time. The general storage period is limited to about 1 year. , Otherwise, it may affect the printing quality and even cause printing failure.

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