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How to choose non-toxic crayons?


Go to the regular store to buy crayons

Try to choose products produced by well-known domestic brands in regular shopping malls and stores (such as this Colorful Bath Crayon Non-toxic Washable for Children Set). Do not buy from stalls or informal channels. Parents and children must pay attention to safety factors when purchasing paints, crayons, oil pastels and other supplies, and try to buy branded products. Because brand products are safer to use than "three noes" stationery. Many children have the habit of biting their fingers, biting stationery, biting paint brushes, biting hands stained with paint, or eating without washing their hands after homework, which may ingest harmful substances.

According to the survey, unqualified stationery contains a large amount of harmful elements such as soluble lead, barium, zinc, and chromium. Among them, the problem of excessive lead element is the most serious, which is very harmful to human health, especially young children, and may endanger brain development and intellectual development. The quality of products sold in large shopping malls, supermarkets, and professional stationery stores is better, while the stationery sold in small businesses, hawkers, and wholesale markets has more problems and greater hidden dangers.

To buy a crayon, you have to "look at it" and "smell it"

Usually, qualified product labels are clearly printed, and the production date or batch number, product standard number, production address, contact information and warning words are clearly marked; however, due to cost and technical limitations, inferior products often have blurred labels and incomplete identification. When buying, you should open it and smell the smell. Many inferior products have obvious pungent smell, or the abnormal strong fragrance caused by adding a large amount of inferior essence to cover up the pungent smell.

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