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Disassembly Plate Heat Exchanger for the HVAC Industry

Disassembly Plate Heat Exchanger for the HVAC Industry

Disassembly Plate Heat Exchanger for the HVAC IndustryModelBH30BH60B/BH60H SH60HLB100BCross Reference ALFA LAVALM3M6, M6MTS6MTLlOBHeight, H [mm]4809209407041885Width, W [mm]180320330400480Minstandardlength, L [mm]400500500530850Max standard length, L [mm]6501500150014302350Verticalportdisance, VC [m......

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Disassembly Plate Heat Exchanger for the HVAC Industry

ModelBH30BH60B/BH60H SH60HLB100B
Cross Reference ALFA LAVALM3M6, M6MTS6MTLlOB
Height, H [mm]4809209407041885
Width, W [mm]180320330400480
Minstandardlength, L [mm]400500500530850
Max standard length, L [mm]6501500150014302350
Verticalportdisance, VC [mm]3576406403801338
Horizontal portdistance, HC [mm]60140140203225
Max temperature[℃]180180180180160
Max pressure [barg]1610161610
Flange size PipePipe 1 1/4"DN50/2"DN50/2"DN65/2"DN100/4"
Max. Flow rate [kg/s]416 2050
ModelBH100B/BH100H BH150B/BH150H BH200H
Cross Reference ALFA LAVALMlOM, M10B M15M, M15B M20M,T20M,T20B
HeigHt. H [mm]10841084188518852150
Width, W [mm]470470610650750
Min standard length,L [mm]700700115011501250
Max standard length,L [mm]23002300205032503350
Venical portdistance,VC[mm]719719129412941478
Horizontal port distance, HC [mm]225225298298353
Max temparature [℃]180180180180180
Max pressure [barg]1016101642659
Flange sizeDN100/4"DN100/4"DN150/6"DN150/6"DN200/8" 
Max. flow rate [kg/s]50 80 225
Cross Reference ALFA LAVALTS20MMX25BM30  
HeigHt. H [mm]140525952920  
Width, W [mm]7409201190  
Min standard length,L [mm]90015501650  
Max standard length,L [mm]270033505200  
Venical portdistance,VC[mm]69819391842  
Horizontal port distance, HC [mm]363439596  
Max temparature180180180  
Max pressure [barg]426594265942659  
Flange sizeDN200/8"DN200/DN250/8"/10"DN300/DN350/12"/14"  
Max. flow rate [kg/s]190250250497 

Application areas:
HVAC: Provide heating for offices , factories , residential buildings , hotels , restaurants , heating and water supply , heating and cooling for air-conditioning systems.

Iron and steel industry: mold cooling , continuous casting machine cooling , hydraulic oil cooling , emulsion cooling , furnace water cooling.

Surface treatment: electrolyte cooling , paint cooling , phosphating solution cooling.

Automobile industry: quenching oil cooling , paint cooling ,phosphate treatment liquid cooling.

Alcohol and corn deep processing: liquefaction cooling , saccharification cooling , fermentation cooling , wine mother cooling , methanol cooling , fusel oil cooling , crude wine preheating , and miscellaneous wine preheating.

Petroleum and petrochemical: heating and cooling of various oil products , large-scale desalinated water cooling device.

Power nuclear power: closed circulating water , nuclear island cooling of nuclear power plant , auxiliary water supply system , vacuum pump cooling of unit.

Coal chemical industry: coal gas cooling , lean and rich oil cooling , ammonia water cooling , waste water cooling , desulfurization liquid cooling , desalted water cooling , crude methanol preheating , benzene vapor condensation , ammonia-rich water condensation , heating water addition , boiler feed water preheating.

Promise chemical industry: various liquid medicines , pure water heating , cooling , evaporation , condensation and sterilization.

Organic chemical industry: various inorganic acids , alkali , salt heating , evaporation , condensation , sulfuric acid cooling , heating of various concentrations of lye and electrolyte , heat recovery device for desalination process.

Pharmaceutical hygiene: emulsion cooling , plasma cooling , infusion cooling , antibiotic cooling , starch liquid cooling.

Food industry: raw juice heating , jam heating ,milk pasteurization and cooling ,carbonated juice heating ,a variety of wine heating and cooling.

Marine and engines: central cooling ,lubricating oil cooling ,piston coolant cooling ,transmission oil cooling ,heavy fuel oil preheating , diesel preheating ,sea water heating ,offshore and offshore central cooling ,lubricating oil cooling ,lower tank heating.

Metallurgical industry: blast furnace ,continuous casting ,closed circulating water cooling , various lubricating oil and emulsion cooling ,transmission oil cooling.

Water treatment and desalination: membrane system application , water microbial treatment ,water purification ,clean and recycled use.

Q : Can I have a sample order?
A : Yes , we welcome sample order to test and check quality.Mixed samples are acceptable.

Q : What is the lead time?
A : Sample needs 1-3 days , mass production needs 7-15days , also according to the order volume.

Q : Can you accept mixed batch of different products?
A : Yes , we are support different product mix wholesale.

Q : How do you ship the goods and how long does it take arrive?
A : For sample order , we usually ship by DHL , UPS , FedEx or TNT.It usually takes 3-5 days to arrive.

Q : Can you provide container packed in wooden cases if I order more products?
A : Yes , we are can provide a set of wooden packaging products , but only in big quantity.

Q : We want to visit your company? 
A : No problem , we are a production and processing enterprises , look forward to your arrival and we will lead you to visit our factory and processing factory.

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